About Natalie:

Natalie an exotic Russian Beauty is both straight talking and sophisticated. A hospital Doctor in her Native Russia, Natalie craved a glamorous International life and set off from St Petersburg for sites further a field including the US and UK. Natalie a fashionably glamorous girl had always loved beauty and was driven by the mostly sub standard lash services on offer. Natalie trained underneath a Beverly Hills technician who had spent the last couple of years attending to eyes of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. ‘When I take something on I want to do it perfectly, I knew if I learnt from the best I would be the best, this is what I pass on to my clients’ Natalie founder of Lash Extensions by Natalie. It is Natalie’s constant drive for perfection that makes her simply the best lash technician in the Country.

There is a massive surge of clients requesting eyelash extensions in recent times. This is due to how dramatic the result is and how convenient it is for women who can now get ready of a morning with more speed. Natalie is a highly skilled technician with an unbelievably steady hand and keen eye. It is her remarkable attention to detail that has formed the basis for her own academy. Now in the process of training other technicians in her unique and bespoke techniques, Natalie has an uncanny ability to tailor her treatments to each individual’s client’s wants and needs and is now passing this skill on to her students. Natalie’s biggest concern with the industry is the number of technicians who do not have sufficient training to offer great services. Eyelash extensions are one of those treatments that requires a very steady hand, a sharp eye and bags of patience and not something that you can learn from an online tutorial. Natalie and her team have heard horror stories of technicians dropping glue in client’s eyes, the top and bottom lashes sticking together and the lashes feeling spikey when blinking, all very uncomfortable and potentially unsafe side effects. As it is not a quick treatment cases have been reported of technicians putting a bundle of lashes on the individual natural lash in order to cut down time rather than doing them one by one which causes in some cases a mass loss of the natural lash.